First Frost of Fall on this Fair Morning

Good Morning! We had our very first light frost today. The air is crisp and has that wonderful fresh smell that means winter is on the way. The grass is crunchy and the last bit of orange and yellow leaves on the birch trees are falling.  We have a clear view all the way to the Alaska Range with few clouds in sight which puts the temperature at a chilly 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Lucky for us the weather is supposed to warm up just a touch today so we can enjoy the last bit of fall outside! This is the perfect time of year to enjoy a bit of both summer and winter activities such as nature walks or aurora viewing.  So, put on some warm layers and go for a walk with Dawson, our lovable pooch, around our expansive homestead and enjoy the view. If you prefer to head into Fairbanks for your day, Creamers Field or the trails at the University of Alaska Fairbanks are two other lovely nature walks. Either way,  Fairbanks will not fail to deliver beauty.


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