Summer in Alaska brings with it mild, comfortable weather and endless daylight for adventure or relaxation.


A Taste of Alaska Lodge, with its proximity to the Arctic Circle, experiences 20+ hours of daylight during summer months. The Midnight Sun occurs in locations near the Arctic Circle in the northern hemisphere or the Antarctic Circle in the southern hemisphere. All of this daylight gives visitors plenty of opportunity for summer activities such as hiking and wildlife viewing. There will definitely be enough hours in the day!


As for seeing some wildlife in Alaska, A Taste of Alaska Lodge has 280 acres’ worth of wildlife viewing opportunity. It is very common to see moose, fox and sand hill cranes, as well as small critters like squirrels and various other migratory birds. Wildlife sightings may happen while out and about on a hike, or even while sitting inside the lodge relaxing and gazing out the windows.


Guests may enjoy plenty of hiking around the Lodge property. The 280 acres are open for exploration, and the forest of birch and spruce is welcoming, secluded and beautiful. There are four different hiking routes to choose from, all are named and marked.


Visitors relax around the pond after enjoying dinner or an exciting adventure. The 50,000-gallon pond is also a favorite gathering place for wildlife, especially moose. In fact, the original pond lining had to be replaced by a more durable one in 2004 due to damage from moose hooves!  The pond is stocked with goldfish during summer months and is surrounded by beautiful Alaskan wildflowers and antique mining decor.


The Eberhardts still grow hay and vegetables during the summer months, a tradition that has continued since the 1940s, and the property surrounding A Taste of Alaska Lodge is lush and bejeweled with colorful wildflowers of Alaska during summer months.


There are many other local activities in the Fairbanks area that are an easy driving distance from A Taste of Alaska Lodge. Owner Kory is happy to assist you with planning your day and booking activities of interest.

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