A Taste of Alaska Lodge

The story of A Taste of Alaska Lodge began when Walter Eberhardt and his wife, Dorothy, moved to Fairbanks in 1947 and homesteaded 160 acres.
A Taste of Alaska Lodge - a unique alternative to Fairbanks Hotels
Fairbanks Hotels Alternative - A Taste of Alaska Lodge
Snowy image of A Taste of Alaska Lodge - Unique Lodging in Fairbanks Alaska and great alternative to Fairbanks Hotels

Walter came to Alaska from Idaho seeking employment and opportunity. They established a vegetable and hay farm, and Walter built a small house for them, to which he eventually built three additions and a basement.

Original Cabin and Greenhouse
Great gardens from the air
Family Hay collecting
Summer bloom 1959
Moose have always been common visitors
Kory's Dad David and Granddad Walter in the late 50's.

Walter’s son, David, continued to expand the homestead, which now encompasses 280 acres. He and his wife, Debbie, founded A Taste of Alaska Lodge in 1992, and the main lodge was built in 1994. Dave and Debbie crafted a family homestead into a family business that brings joy to visitors from all over and year-round. Debbie collected antiques and artifacts that adorn the land and properties. She ran day-to-day operations while Dave provided maintenance and construction expertise, much of which he learned from his dad.

The lodge, cabins, original homestead & hayfields. This shot (taken in Summer 2017) was the excuse owner Kory needed, to finally convince his wife to buy a fancy new drone.

In 2010, Dave’s son, Kory, bought the lodge and now runs daily operations with his wife, Lily.  Kory was 7 years old when the business began, and he was eager to help out from the very beginning. He has lived and breathed A Taste of Alaska Lodge nearly his entire life, and he and Lily live in that same house his grandfather, Walter, built back in the 40s.

Owner Kory and his lovely wife Lily
Founders Deb and Dave. Kory's Mum & Dad.

This lodge is a one-of-a-kind alternative to Fairbanks hotels, offering views of the Alaska Range, Mt. Denali, and Fairbanks in the distance. Visitors will get a first-hand look at Alaska’s natural beauty, including northern lights in the winter and wildlife year-round, all while enjoying the comforts and conveniences of cozy lodging.

The ever present Alaska Range. The view hasn't changed much since this photo was taken back in the 50's.
The ever present Alaska Range. The view hasn't changed much since this photo was taken back in the 50's.

Three generations of the Eberhardt family have built the structures that are a part of A Taste of Alaska Lodge. Each generation passed down skills to the next, and these skills are reflected in the character and uniqueness of each building. The Eberhardt family welcomes your family to their beautiful and secluded homestead.

Offering “A Taste of Alaska” since 1992